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TV watching is more entertaining with the interactive series Random Destiny from 2authors. Instead of merely watching pictures and listening to sound it lets the audience become part of the story. Random Destiny creates a unique opportunity for the spectator to truly transform into a participant.


Television Series: Random Destiny

Genre: Suspense

Adline: A television series about the unpredictable twists of fate that make or destroy our lives.

Format: In keeping with the unpredictability of outcome, each weekly one-hour episode is structured differently paralleling the whimsical twists of fate.

Audience Participation: A highly appealing and unique component of the series is the possibility of turning the audience from mere spectators into full participants. The possibilities are endless.

Products Developed for Random Destiny:

(A) Rendezvous - Screenplay for the pilot: Several characters are drawn together towards a single occurrence that will affect them all. The unlikely meeting of two volatile men unravels the delicate fabric of destiny, as they unwittingly converge with four innocent people towards a common occurrence of tragic consequences.

(B) Three Treatments:


Run, Joe Run


(C) Eight Synopses:

• Sleep On
• The Love Affair
• A Matter of Judgment

• Mistaken Identity
• Matching Game
• Runaways

• Newline
• Harvey

(D) Historical Events:
The entire episode is based on documented historical events. There will be four segments, dramatizing occurrences where fate changed the destiny of a person or humanity. Examples include the invention of gunpowder, Denmark's act against Hitler, and the birth of an inventor.

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