An Educated Death

An Educated Death

Justin Pierce seeks a reason to live.

But death keeps nipping at his heels.

A prominent special agent for both the United States and Mexico, Justin struggles to recover from deep personal loss and near fatal injuries sustained during his last operation. Demetrio, Justin’s closest friend, a distinguished Mexican anthropologist and genius, steps in to rescue his pal.

Death calls again when a body washes ashore mere feet from Justin’s seaside hideaway. The victim turns out to be closely connected to his sister Carrie, and with her life now in danger, Justin must solve the murder and protect her at all costs.

With Demetrio as his impish sidekick, Justin harnesses his connections to international secret service agencies to untangle a web of corruption, fraud, and murder in the halls of academia.

Justin’s unexpected foray thrusts him into a pursuit fraught with twists and hardships, a challenge that paves the way to a new lease on life.



Science Fiction/Fantasy Space Adventure


Kelahya Unbound


Kelahya Devona, born in the 680th cycle of the Talderon Era, is a bewitching and formidable warrior, and the most powerful weapon of Kronos Deucarrion, Supreme Commander of the Alliance of Stars.

Kelahya is a Minder, capable of influencing the thoughts of most species in the universe…until now. The nightmare behind her eyes insists that she murdered Kronos, but she refuses to believe that the images of blood and violence are real.

Due to this involuntary fissure, her thoughts are dissociating, which in a Minder’s brain intermingles reality with illusion, and almost always leads to their demise.

The specter of death forces Kelahya to run for her life in search of the truth before her mind disintegrates, and the struggle for power destroys the Alliance of Stars.

In a race against time, the pursuit propels her into a forgotten past and an uncertain future, where danger is reflected in every face and reality is never what it seems.


“Perfectly paced action, lush and layered characters. Ascension: Kelahya Unbound is the real deal.”

J. D. BARKER, International Bestselling Author of the Fourth Monkey.

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The Perils of a Reluctanct Psychic

A series of three novels that engage your imagination and take you on a journey of mystery and discovery.

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The Gift of the Twin Houses

Book 1: The Gift of the Twin Houses

Fifty-six-year-old Sarah Salas was forced to bury her clairvoyance at the age of six, and the struggle to suppress it forced her to lead an isolated life. Now, without warning, her extrasensory ability has resurfaced and she can’t control it.

Despite the fear of losing her mind, she’s forced to partake in the stories that emanate from the old abandoned photographs found in the attic of her new house—stories of former generations of occupants of not only her home but its twin, the home of her neighbor Conrad Thompson.

The alluring Conrad arouses a passion never before felt by Sarah, and as the magnetism between them intensifies, the ancestral stories do as well.

One by one, dating back to 1830, the deceased residents of the twin houses invite Sarah into their lives sharing their history of incest, jealousy, and murder.

Bonus: Click here to access the old recipes Sarah uncovers and prepares.


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Secrets of Innocence Book Cover

Book 2: Secrets of Innocence

Sarah Thompson, although still learning how to manage her powerful psychic abilities, emerged stronger after her adventures in The Gift of the Twin Houses. She opened her heart to her new family and left behind the fear of being different. But with so much more in her life now, her unruly sixth sense could derail her—and that means she has much more to lose.

Sarah’s new adventure in Secrets of Innocence begins when she finds an unconscious man on the side of the road who has been badly beaten and can’t remember anything, not even his own name. Her subconscious conjures up a movie. Could it be a spirit trying to communicate? As she tries to interpret the irksome film and unravel the mystery that surrounds the gentle amnesiac, she uncovers a trail of deception, regret, and violence.

She will also have to dodge Sheriff Williams who finds Sarah’s psychic abilities suspicious and labels her a witch. Facing enmity from the sheriff, Sarah, and her husband, Conrad, are on their own in an increasingly dangerous search for the truth.

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Jackal in the Mirror Book Cover

Book 3: Jackal in the Mirror

Sarah Thompson’s powerful psychic abilities have flourished after her adventures in The Gift of the Twin Houses and Secrets of Innocence.

In Jackal in the Mirror, Sarah once again takes center stage in a disturbing mystery that starts the moment she enters a timeworn bookstore in Eureka, opens a book, and a terrifying scream escapes from its pages.

Eureka, California, the Victorian seaport famous for its paranormal stories, is the spot Sarah’s friends pick for their all-women four-day escape. But for Sarah, the location instantly stirs a premonition, and it’s not about the tales of hauntings that make up Eureka’s distinctive history. It’s a restless spirit reaching out to her.

The voice emanating from the book insists that Sarah must help. But refuses to say who, how, or why. The only clue it offers is an ominous novel filled with scenes of illicit passion, deception, and murder. When the book mysteriously transforms into a collection of poems, Sarah is stumped.

Away from the safety of her husband and home, Sarah is on her own to follow a perilous search to uncover the threat and save the lives of unsuspecting victims.



Murder Mystery Series

An Educated Death is book one in the Justin Pierce Murder Mystery series.

About the Story :

After losing the love of his life, a former international special agent reinvents himself as a modern Robin Hood. An Educated Death untangles a web of corruption, fraud, and murder in the halls of academia.

Publication 2024